Name Shungit come by the location of the Karelian village on the banks of the Sunga Onega lake. Karelia is a republic in the Russian Federation.

SUNG's 2 billion years old rock polyminerálna carbon. Šungitu essential feature is the presence of fullerenes. " Fullerenes "are newly discovered spherical molecule consisting of five or more of six-membered ring of carbon atoms. Šungitu miraculous powers are attributed to the presence of just fullerenes.

Shungit has an unusual composition, properties, structure, a mysterious origin, a wide range of uses, as well as healing properties.


Wungit has the ability to purify water from organic substances from many metals, non-metals, bacteria and microorganisms. Purifies the water from the germs of mold, removes sludge, odor and flavor. Shungit very well affect the health of the human body, especially for digestive problems. It contains many trace elements that saturates the water. Šungitová has healing effects especially on the state of the stomach and intestinal tract.

When using šungitovej water to drink, or cooking, would prevent bone diseases, digestive organs and muscular system, nervous system and blood circulation. Daily washing šungitovou water smooths the skin, it adds flexibility and youthfulness. With regular washing šungitovou water, we can get rid of acne, skin inflammation andred skin. On the skin can also use ice cubes from šungitovej water.

Regular washing of hair šungitovou water, give them shine, strengthens roots, reduces their hair and removes dandruff hair.

Very soothing and healthy are 10 to 15 min. šungitové baths. After soaking in the tub, dive bag with šungitovou grit / about 300gr per bath /, urinate and squeezes it. Bath relieves stress, fatigue, strengthens and soothes the body's sleep. After a few baths to heal small wounds, after regular spa water šungitovou heal surgical scars and diminishes skin peeling, skin rashes and fungi.

Šungit water:

At the bottom of 2-3 liter, transparent container put Sung, pour cold to stand or filtered water. Effects withungitu are reflected in the water after 30-40 minutes, watering and water after three days reversed. Water three days after losing their charged properties.

For casual drinking water šungitovej use a triangle, or 1-3 large fragments Šungitu, for therapeutic or preventive purposes pyramid using 4x4 or 6x6 cm.


Sung, who have already exhausted their stocks, just cleaned with saline or soda or acetic acid, and renewed with him the cleansing ability. Once a month, just dip the Sunga in 2-3 hours. the above-mentioned solution, then washed thoroughly under running water. After half a year of stones and rubble šungitovú replace a new one is discarded, we can use them at home, for example. sprinkle the crushed flowers, stones in the pot or a vase.




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